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Mar 21, 2007

US Carriers in begin of World War II vs Armageddon - End Times Paradox

1. Hiding the US Carriers, the most important strategic weapon at that time, played a key role in the Pearl Harbor cover-up, planned as the begin of World War II for the US.

2. In World War III, carriers are totally worthless sitting ducks, except for the first "battles", i.e. air bombing countries that did not want to or could not respond, i.e. Serbia and Iraq (Afghanistan was a fake war).
Showing the US Carriers, which includes psy-op work repeating "news" about "another carrier group heading to the Persian Gulf", plays a key role in the "US atttack to Iran" hoax.

Pearl Harbor, Reichstag Fire I (OKC bombings) and World War III explained. Reichstag Fire II (9/11) announced to be imminent. From WebArchive, archived Aug 20, 2001
BTW, the story of Peal Harbor was completed just months after that article:
US Attack to Iran Hoax for dummies

February 26, 2015 - Simulated Reality terminated with its mockery:
Iraq parallel scripts: Fake U.S Aircraft Carrier and fake Mosul museum destroyed the same day.


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