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Jun 8, 2007

9/11 TV Fakery from the day it was first exposed to the day it is no more questioned - VIDEOS

It took more than two years for the 9/11 media to be exposed. It's a best seller hoax because two years now counts for a generation or 40 years before the start of Armageddon. 

The truth goes through three stages, remember? 9/11 TRUTH FLASHBACK - from the day Matt Marriot revealed it first time to...

The day the TV Fakery is no more questioned... June 2007

Begin here
part 1: faked live second plane impact
part 4: who were the first witnesses reporting they saw a plane
Only CIA psy-ops will be in denial, after watching those videos.

As far as part 1:
I didn't know about the Fox "live" helicopter broadcast, where, unlike in the case of the CNN "live" broadcast, the angle allowed for the possibility of a mistake while inserting the plane in the frames, which was exactly what happened, with the nose getting out from the tower.

As the TRUTH about the TV fakery was first revealed... 2004-2005

What was the reaction to the truth, when it was revealed the first time worldwide? A reminder...
Note about the videos - Two details:
- there were no planes, but there were also NO missiles, which is what http://www.livevideo.com/media/commentmedia.aspx?cid=E0E8DC73928D42D4A01CF664B22E16B5&showadd=1 suggests. The perps used just bombs planted in the towers, to simulate the impacts and (mini-nukes) to reduce them to rubble, .
- CNN James McIntyre first reports from the Pentagon about seeing no traces of a plane were NOT because he did not know about what was going on. It was because it was in the script, as part of the "terrorize the sheep" agenda in day 1, which was the role of the Pentagon in the 9/11 script.
Reminder: 9/11 for dummies - the 5 basic facts - the first page worldwide to expose the FULL 9/11 script

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