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Apr 26, 2008

Cuba missile crisis 1962 almost TOTALLY staged :5 out of 6 were ACTORS

Cuba missile crisis 1962 almost TOTALLY staged:5 out of 6 KEY players were ACTORS
End Times Reductionism: to expose it all you need is a reminder of THREE best-seller hoaxes (exposed by Last Prophet first) plus this well known fact:
Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara was part of the plot to murder president Kennedy.

Nuclear weapons capabability of wiping out the enemy is a HOAX - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE

Ukraine History, Break-up of Russia for dummies - 100% a creation of illuminazis: german LENIN 1922, agents Khrushchev 1954 and fake Putin 2014

Catholic Church - modern History: Illuminati core lies
1. LIE: Vatican before 1959 = Vatican after 1959.

April 17, 1961, Cuba, Bay of Pigs, the real story: a trap set by the illuminati, with agents Fidel Castro, Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara in the main roles, to politically destroy president Kennedy.
For traps and threats used by the illuminati to destroy and murder JFK, RFK and JFK Jr, start here:

Added Jul 2014: Illuminati stage a remake of the Cuba missile crisis.
But this time it's nothing but background noise to the "downed Boeing 777 in Ukraine", both episodes obvioulsy TOTTALLY staged with actors. 

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