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Jul 9, 2007

Reaction to Best Seller "Science" Hoaxes exposed, from Tectonic Plates to Mid Atlantic Ridge: Illuminati Jokes

2004 and 2005 - Matt Marriott exposes the illuminati "science" hoaxes known as plate tectonics, continental drift, hot spots and Darwin's theory of atoll formation.

May 2006 - the illuminati react to Matt Marriott with the moving mountains revolution.
Matt Marriott immediately translates the joke, which begins by categorizing it.

February 2007 - Matt Marriott exposes two of the greatest "measureable" illuminati hoaxes.
After stellar parallax, the greatest illuminati hoax in the perspective of the big numbers, Matt Marriott exposes what is its earthly "antipode", the ocean relief map of the "Mid Atlantic Ridge". (1)

See also from April 9, 2007 - Azores earthquakes 2007 - reminder of Tectonic Plates Illuminati BIG LIE

July 9, 2007 - the illuminati react to Matt Marriott with 186,891 new volcanoes (2).
AGAIN the same category of illuminati jokes.

(1) Original deleted by forum managed by  CIA Web of Disinfom yet first part resurfaced in archive:

(2) 186,891 new volcanoes and the end of the world map as we know it:

May 2006  Revolution in Earth Science ... Land Speed Record- Mountain Moves 62 Miles in 30 Minutes - paleogeology upgrade v 2.0

Skylab illusrates illuminati jokes of the same category:

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